Roundtable Projects

Essential Professional Skills for Practicing Planners

CPR is committed to enhancing essential planning skills for practicing planners to promote effective planning and develop leadership and management skills. To accomplish this goal, CPR will offer interactive sessions and workshops at the APA California conference and other venues on core skills that may not be taught in typical planning curriculums, but are usually "lessons learned" through direct work experience. Possible workshop topics include strategic thinking, communication skills, project management, and effective community engagement and education. Other topics could be selected from the AICP Core Competencies developed by the American Planning Association (see AICP CM credit will also be sought for these workshops.

Healthy Communities Workgroup

The California Planning Roundtable Healthy Communities work group strives to provide tools and resources to assist planners in informing Californians about why the places where we live, work, play and learn have an inherent effect on community and individual health.

Exploring Infill Development

Mounting evidence points to the need for successful infill development. Building more densely where there is existing transit, infrastructure and conveniences is widely recognized as essential for meeting social, economic and environmental challenges – not the least of which is how to accommodate California’s rapid growth. 

Planning for Changing Demographics

California’s demographics are changing rapidly, and adopting new planning strategies to address these changes is critical to sustaining California as a highly desirable place to live, work, enjoy and invest.  The California Planning Roundtable, over the next two years, will develop conference sessions and web-based reports that will help planners and communities understand and plan for these evolutionary times. 

Reinventing the General Plan

The goal of this project is to reinvent the General Plan as a vital tool to help California tackle the tough issues of the 21st century.