Topics of Interest

Reinventing the General Plan

Date Posted: October, 22, 2008

The Roundtable intends to facilitate a statewide policy dialogue and develop the tools to reinvent the General Plan for the 21st Century. This goal is based on the belief that changing the practice of planning will have an essential and positive impact on planning for California’s future.    The effort will include:


  • Collaboration with key stakeholders to address the current status of  the      general plan and to create a dialogue on what the general plan should look like in the 21st century.
  • Publishing a set of best practices, tools and ideas that establish a good model to assist in the creation of 21st century general plans. The format will be a report as well as web based information.  Legislation is not the focus, though the changes in planning practice and the understanding of how to address planning issues in the 21st century, may lead to policy and legislative changes.




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Impact of Measure 37 on Oregon Planning

Date Posted: April, 03, 2008

Information from the outstanding panel discussion provided to the Roundtable in Portland Oregon in June of 2007

California Planning and Climate Change

Date Posted: April, 03, 2008

Information on the topic of climate change and land use planning- a topic of significant interest to the Roundtable.